Special labels

Sealing - Self-adhesive sealing protect unit or collective packs against opening.

We apply:

  • VOID raw material, which after unsticking leaves inscriptions on the package
  • raw material foam, impossible to remove without leaving mark (delaminate of label)
  • paper raw material
  • perforated sealing

Sandwich – Sandwich - consists of two foundation layers and one outer. After unsticking it is possible again to stick the label, or its part. We print side of adhesive or foundation layer. Perfect to logistic vignettes and competition labels.

Opacity labels - If there is a need that label must seal already printed area, we recommended a use of special raw materials. These include papers and metallized foils, as well as special papers with black or graphite bottom.

Etykiety specjalne Etykiety specjalne Etykiety specjalne